Games with my Sister - 18+ Erotic Story


It was one Saturday morning, Dad was out playing golf, Mom had gone for brunch with some friends, so it was just my sister and me in the house. It was about 10:30, and I had just gotten out of the shower and was headed to my room to get dressed. As I walked down the hall, Stacy opened her door, and I was caught going down the hall nude. I was not bothered by this, as we had always been a kind of open household, so I smiled and said good morning. As I walked past, though, my ass got a good pinch. “Hey, hands off the merchandise!” I said, turning toward her. She shrieked and ran down the hall, and I gave chase. I noticed that her t-shirt was pulling up enough to show that she had not worn panties to bed. My sister was 19 at the time, and was she a looker. Bouncy red hair cropped kind of short, long shapely legs (from running track and playing tennis), a great set of buns and breasts which were round and perky.

As a horny high school kid, I had fantasized about my sister more than once, still it was nothing more than a fantasy, and this was about getting her for pinching my butt. I was 18, looking forward to my freshman year at college. I had been recruited for the swim team, and I was lean and muscular (no Mr. Universe, but not bad, if I do say so myself). I chased her into the den, and caught her by the hem of the shirt. I spun her around, and started tickling, the whole scene still with an air of innocense (even though I was completely naked). She started tickling back, and reached around with her foot and tripped me, pinning me to the couch. She jumped on top of me, stradling my stomach, her t-shirt now pulling up well over her navel, giving me a view of her red-haired snatch. Suddenly, my young prick jumped and began filling and swelling.

I guess she noticed me staring at her, and kind of smacked my chest, “Hey, what are you staring at?” About then, my stiffening prick twitched again, and bumped her from behind. “Oh, my little brother is horny!” She reached behind her and slid her hands up and down my smooth member (about 7 inches, or so, and thick). This all seemed so wild. I mean, a second ago we were kids in a tickling match, and now she’s kind of rubbing my smooth hard-on. Stacy sat up on her knees, giving me a good look at her snatch, and pushed my dick down on my stomach, and settled down, putting her snatch over my now fully erect prick and pinning it down, the head pressed into my belly button. She quickly slipped her t-shirt over her head, exposing her breasts, the nipples standing tall with attention. With the sudden realization of what my sister was doing, my prick grew even more.

I reached up and grabbed her breasts and squeezed hard, like I had seen in one of the X-rated flicks I had seen. “Hey, not so rough! I’m your sister, but I’m also a woman! Tease me to please me!” Although I was not a virgin (I had clumsily “slept” with a girl on a campout once), I was hardly a great lover, so I figured I could learn a little from my older sister. I changed my touch to a very light one, carressing her breasts, running my fingers over them and out to the tip of her nipples, never touching too much, only lightly. Stacy closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. I gently pulled her toward me and let my mouth kiss hers in a way that I had never thought about kissing my sister. Our tongues traced one another mouths and danced together around our lips. She crushed her body against mine, grinding her pussy over my cock (with me still outside her).

I now ran my hands around her and grabbed her buns. Her legs parted slightly as she settled down over me, and I could feel the base of my prick and my balls and her slippery wet pussy. I ran my finger around her bum hole and she squirmed on top of me. The whole time, the head of my prick was sandwiched between our stomachs, and being a young excitable type, I was ready to open the flood gates. When my hips started jumping, Stacy knew what was about to happen and she quickly broke our kiss and popped her mouth down over my dick. I started shooting the second her tongue hit my head and I squirted into her mouth and onto her face more semen than I had ever shot in any jerking contests. Stacy looked at me and smiled, as the last of my come oozed from my prick. She licked it off with a grin, and moved up to kiss me again. I had never even thought I wanted to taste male come, but here it was, and I did not want to stop a thing. She kissed me wetly, letting her musky tongue push inside me, and I sucked my own juice off her lips and mouth, and I licked it from her chin. She started grinding her hips into my half-limp cock, letting me know that she wanted more than to suck me off. Gently, I sat her up, and broke our embrace.

I said that this was probably not the place to continue, so I took her by the hand, and led her back upstairs and into her room. The covers of the bed were peeled back already, and I led her to the bed, and lay her down. She looked gorgeous lying there in front of me. Her pink pussy lips were protruding through her light red pubic hair, looking very tasty and inviting. I dropped to my knees and began kissing and licking her thighs, moving slowly up toward her snatch. The scent of her hit my nostrils and the urge to dive into her overwhelmed me. I licked from the bottom of her slit up to her clit, soaking my face. Her pussy was so wet that she could not hold in the flood, which oozed from her and down across her sweet buns. She drew up her legs, and opened wide in front of me. I dipped my tongue lower and rimmed her puckered bum, which was slick with her juices. She squirmmed when I did, “Oh, James, ummh, that’s so good!” I moved my hands in and played with her splayed pussy with my fingers, while my tongue bathed her ass and asshole.

When I sensed she was about to come, moved up again, and sucked her clit into my mouth. I ran my tongue over it again and again and she gasped for breath, arched her back and moaned so load I thought the neigbors might hear. She came with a vengence, her whole body twitching, my tongue continuing its assault. Moving my hands underneath, I slipped both thumbs into her hot soaking snatch. She jumped so hard, it nearly broke my wrists, but then she began trembling again, and I pushed my thumbs in and out and sucked and licked her clit until she came a second time. When I looked up at her, I grinned. “Wow, Stacy , I never noticed just how sexy you are!” “James, you must drive girls wild with that!” she said to me, still kind of dreamy. I climbed onto the bed next to her and kissed her, now wet with her juices, and she licked my face clean. We kissed and carressed gently for a few minutes, when she started rubbing my cock again. “Ready for more, I see,” commenting on my stiff pole. “I don’t think we should really screw without a condom, but I think I can relieve the pressure anyway.” Stacy sat up and spread her legs wide, rubbing her fingers in her snatch, getting them good and soaked, and then began to rub my cock with them. I jumped when her slick hands grabbed me and she started pumping with both hands.

I was lying on my back, and she was giving me a glorious handjob, with now one hand on my prick and the other on my balls, and then both hands squeezing and jerking on my stiff member. Then she shifted positions, between my legs, pushing them wide apart. She dipped her finger far into her damp pussy and then she pushed it into my tight asshole. The sensation of her finger pushing in, while her hand pumped me made me jump, and then she pushed down against my prostate (through my bum) and immediately I shot my wad, straight up into the air. The come landed on my chest and on the sheets, and Stacy tried to aim it so that some went on her tits. “Oh, Stacy !” I cried as this all happened, and she leaned in and licked the come off of me, while rubbing it into her tits. “I just love to watch a guy come. It’s so exciting to see it come firing out the end of your cock like that! All a girl can do is squirm and wiggle, while guys get to send off fireworks.” She crawled back on top of me, nuzzling her face in my shoulder, and settling in. She had settled in beside me with her leg curled across my body, and I draped my arm around her, and idly stroked her pretty ass. “So, did you plan this whole thing?” I asked. “I have been just waiting for the right moment. Every time I watched you in your Speedos I figured there was some fun in those shorts.

So this morning was my chance, and you played right into it by coming out of the shower naked. I figured I would have to follow you into your room, but you had the show in the hall.” “So, do you always sleep without any undies?” “No, usually I wear them, but this morning I could not keep them on…I was too busy fingering myself thinking about having you.” The though of my sister masturbating while fantasizing about me caused another stir in my cock. “Sometime, will you show me how you finger yourself? I bet that’d make me come just to watch. Hell, if you just tell me about it, it’d make me come.” “OK, I’ll show you, but only if you return the favor for me. I want to watch you jerk off that big tool of yours. I promise to lick up any mess you make!” My dick was definitely stirring again. Stacy stood up, and walked over to her dresser. She got out a lacy nightie that she had (not really lingerie, but a nylon short nightie with some lace around the neckline) and put it on. She got out the slightest pair of panties that she owned, and put them on, too. Now I was sitting there on the foot of the bed with not a stich on, and a growing erection, while she looked like she was settling in for a night of TV on the couch. That would not last too long. I leaned back on one elbow, and watched. “First, I like to be wearing something.

Even a striptease for myself seems like its good, besides I always envisioned stripping for you! But, not too fast.” She began by stroking her own breasts through the slick material, making her nipples stand out. The obvious bumps in the fabric brought the thought to my mind of licking and sucking them. She was sitting cross legged on the bed, and I could see her light read hair peeking out from behind the panties. They were a medium blue color, and I could see a darker spot forming in the center of them. She continued to gently massage her own tits, running the palms of her hands gently over the very tips. The sight of all this definitely had my prick in a big boner. While I was staring at her show, I began to rub my stiff dick, too. She got up on her knees, and began to swivle her hips in time with her hands, and the pressure on her titties increased. I was mesmerized by her motion. Finally, her hands stopped massaging, and slid down to the hem of the material, and she slowly began to lift it. When she got the bottom of the hem to the bottom of her breasts, she stopped and played peek-a-boo with me, just showing me the start of the fleshy globes.

I realized that I was staring at her, and my mouth was dry. She winked at me, and then finally lifted the nightie over her head, exposing her breasts to me. Again, she carressed them, gently, with her whole hand, open, and rubbing lightly on her nipples with her palms. Her hips were still swaying, and the dark spot on her skimpy undies was getting larger. Slowly, she slid one hand down, across her flat belly, and across her panties. Again, she pressed with her open palm, this time over her entire vulva, firm pressure, moving in slight circles. She ground her hips in a circuilar pattern, matching the rhythm of her hand. Her panties were so wet, that mositure oozed out between her fingers as she kept up the pressure. Her eyes were closed, and her head swayed back and forth, and an almost purring sound emmenated from her throat. After a couple more minutes of this, she slowly stood up, and began to teasingly slide the panties down, just showing the top of her light red pubic hair. As she revealed herself, I could see that her hair was matted down and wet from the rubbing. She finally pushed the panties over her hips, and they slid to the floor, revealing herself completely.

My prick jumped again at the sight of my naked sister, standing in front of me. She casually tossed her panties with her foot toward me, and I eagerly grabbed them, and wallowed in the damp, musky scent. I took the damp center, and began to rub myslef with them, and she took in a quick breath, watching the head of my prick appear and disappear in the fabric. I watched wide eyed as Stacy lay back on the bed, legs spread wide, and inserted a single finger deep into her pussy, positioning her thumb on her clit, and curling her finger upward and stroking her own G-spot. She started writhing on the bed, sliding her thumb back and forth over her clit, and pushing as hard as she could into her soaking wet cunt with her finger. Every push brought more throaty sounds from her, and a faster tempo from me on my cock. Her sounds and pushes got quicker and quicker, and I knew she was going to come.

I stopped my stroking (I’m not sure *how* I managed to stop) and watched her reach her orgasm. She was twitching from head to toe, and her hand finally went limp. When she opened her eyes, I had moved over closer, and finished my show for her. First, I got my fingers good and slippery with her juices, and then began to stroke myself again. I had been so close to coming watching her, that it only took a couple of seconds to regain the sensation, and I lay back and fired five or six good squirts from my prick, most of which landed on my chest. True to her word, Stacy scrambled over and began licking up the mess I had made. When she had lapped up the last, she lay across me and gave me a deep long kiss.

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Miracle Nepal - Multilingual Sex Story Website: Games with my Sister - 18+ Erotic Story
Games with my Sister - 18+ Erotic Story
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