Wrestling with My Sexy Stepsister

My stepsister Amy and I were very close. Our parents got married when I was 14 and she was 15, and we became instant friends. We loved all t...

My stepsister Amy and I were very close. Our parents got married when I was 14 and she was 15, and we became instant friends. We loved all the same things - video games, basketball, making fun of dumb TV shows. Our parents had expected some awkwardness with two teenagers suddenly living in the same house, but they were pleasantly surprised.
Since both our parents worked, Amy and I had the house to ourselves in the summers. The summer after my sophomore year in high school (I was 18 and she was 19), she worked a part-time job in the evening and I worked online, so during the day we often hung out around the house together. Since we felt so comfortable around each other, we did some pretty crazy stuff, like skinny-dipping in broad daylight in the backyard pool (the neighbors were all old people who were unlikely to peek over the fence).
One day we got in some kind of silly argument while watching TV in the living room - neither of us was mad, and neither took it seriously, but we started play-wrestling. Amy is about five inches shorter than I am. She's pretty robustly built for an Asian girl (her mom is Taiwanese), with strong legs and fairly broad shoulders, but I am taller and stronger and can generally handle her. I first almost pinned her, then tickled her, making her scream but allowing her to wriggle free. She charged me, but I lifted her into the air, still shrieking and giggling. She kicked out wildly with her feet...and one of her feet caught me in the balls. I dropped her to the ground and collapsed from the sudden shock, but when I tried to get up, the real pain began, and soon I was clutching my groin and rolling around moaning "Amy, you castrated me!"
Amy, on her feet and giggling uncontrollably at my plight, reached down and grabbed the bottoms of my gym shorts, then yanked them down around my ankles. I wasn't wearing anything underneath. She hauled the shorts off of my legs and held them up like a trophy. Groaning, I sat up, still massaging my tender - and now exposed - testicles. Amy continued to laugh at me and wave the trunks around. I sat down heavily on the couch.
"I win, I win!" Amy yelled, slapping me in the face with my own shorts.
"There goes your chance at having step-nephews," I moaned at her. But already the pain was subsiding, and when Amy sat down next to me on the couch, I reached out and tickled her.
"Why'd you strip me?" I asked, more curious than annoyed.
"I don't know, I just wanted a trophy of victory!" she answered. "Dude, are your balls OK?"
"Maybe," I answered with mock seriousness.
"Here, let me feel them," she said, reaching for my bare nuts.
"Get away from my nuts!" I yelled, slapping at her hand. "You've already caused them enough trauma!"
"I just want to make sure they're OK," she protested, grinning. "You could be injured. You could have to go to the hospital."
I rolled my eyes. "My gonads are fine," I assured her. "You just wait til I get you back."
"Bring it!" she said, and slapped me in the face with my shorts again. Then she bounced away, leaving me half-naked on the couch.
That began the summer of our friendly rivalry. After that first hit on my balls, Amy would "sack-tap" me as she walked past, not hard enough to put me on the floor, but usually enough to make me bend over or crouch down. I quickly learned to guard my jewels when she was in the vicinity. In revenge, I started pantsing her. Amy usually wore sweatpants and a t-shirt or halter top around the house, but she typically didn't wear underwear underneath, so when I yanked her sweats around her ankles she'd find herself abruptly bare-butt. She would shout and try to slap me, but I'd dance back and watch as she pulled up her pants before chasing after me. Once she even fell, and went down on the kitchen floor with her sweats tangled around her ankles. That was a fun one. After that, she started wisely wearing panties under her sweatpants.
Then, one day when I was in the living room reading, she walked in and said "Come on, let's wrestle."
"Like last time?" I laughed. "Don't think I'll be so easy to beat."
"Let's go," she said. "Loser has to lose his or her pants for an hour."
I laughed. "OK, if you want to walk around bare-butt, I ain't stoppin' ya."
She put one hand on her hip and narrowed her eyes. "You seem pretty confident, for someone who lost last time."
I got up and faced her, grinning. "Yeah, well, that's cause you kicked me in the balls. Are we allowing ball shots in this match?"
She thought about that for a second. "I don't want to injure you," she said, "So let's say, kicks and knees to the balls aren't allowed, but I can grab them."
I laughed. "OK!" I said. "Any other rules?"
She thought some more. "No kicking or punching at all. Just wrestling. And no, like, poking eyes or something."
Sounded reasonable to me. "So when do we start?" I asked.
"Now!" she suddenly yelled and dove for me.
We wrestled around for a while</em>, and I quickly got the better of her. She was surprised how strong and quick I was when I was really trying. She made two grabs for my balls but got nowhere close. So much for that tactic. I pinned her, then let her up when she tapped out.
"OK," I laughed, "Get em off."
"OK, dude, but we gotta have a rematch," she said, scowling with one hand on her hip.
I shrugged. "Any time you want!"
"Tomorrow," she demanded.
"Fine by me," I said.
With that, she nodded, hooked her thumbs in her waistband, and pulled her sweats and panties down and off. Amy had muscular thighs and a thin landing strip. I grinned.
"Anything you want me to do?" she asked. "Do a little dance, maybe?"
"Do you know any dances?" I asked.
She did one step of the "Walk it Out" dance, twisting her knees back and forth, which was hilarious given the fact that she was bottomless. Then she turned and strode out of the room, her solid ass swinging as she walked. For the next hour, as promised, she stayed bare-butt, and I just winked at her whenever I walked past. She snorted in irritation, but I could tell she wasn't that upset...just hungry for revenge.
The next day, things went pretty much the same. Amy challenged me again, she tried for my balls but failed, and I pinned her. Again, she demanded a rematch, and I accepted. Again, she removed her pants and went bottomless for an hour. This time, I slapped her on the bare ass as I walked by, and she woofed in indignation.
On the third day, however, I got sloppy. Pinning her had become so easy, I must have let up a little, because as I was about to win, she grabbed for my balls - and got em this time. I instantly realized I had lost, and tapped out before she could start squeezing my precious jewels. She danced around, punching the air and singing "We are the Champions," before turning to me and pointing. "Get em off, get em off!" she ordered.
I grinned, only slightly shaken, and took my shorts down. My dick flopped out and Amy suppressed a giggle.
"You want me to do a little dance?" I asked jokingly.
"Go ahead!" she waved.
I laughed, and did part of the dance from Napoleon Dynamite. She covered her mouth and guffawed.
"Dude!" she gasped. "You look so ridiculous with your dork swinging around like that!"
I blushed, and crossed my arms over my chest. She walked over, slapped me on my bare ass, and then walked away, singing a song.
After that it was on. With the house just to ourselves, we'd wrestle maybe every other day. At first I won most of the matches, and Amy spent a lot of time bottomless, enduring ass-slaps from yours truly. Occasionally she managed to get me by the balls, and then I tapped out quickly, because when a girl has got your balls it's over. That happened only a couple times at first, but Amy started developing some skill after a couple weeks, and it became much harder to beat her. She always was an athletic girl.
We got bored of just making each other walk around bare-butt, and started making each other do embarrassing forfeits. It started with things like cartwheels and jumping jacks, then we started making each other do dares, like doing a lap around the house bottomless. Once a guy jogging saw her do that, and once an old lady saw me. Fairly embarrassing, but good motivation to win the next match.
After the jogger saw Amy, she was pissed.
"It's much worse for a girl to be seen naked than a guy," she declared. "This is not fair."
"Life isn't fair," I teased. "You got a better idea?"
"How about if I win, I get to hit you in the balls!" she challenged.
I instinctively bent over a little. "Whaaaaat?" I yelled. "No way!"
"Not hard," she protested. "Just like, a slap. OK? Just a slap."
"What do I get if I win?" I asked warily.
"I'll go completely naked," she offered.
I shook my head. "Seen it already."
She thought for a moment.
"And I'll give you a back massage."
"Deal," I said, grinning. If it really came down to it, I knew I could beat her.
So we squared off, just like usual, me in my t-shirt and gym shorts, her in tank top and sweats, and we went at it. She had been exercising, and her arms and legs were slippery with sweat. I had a hard time holding on to her. Then when I was on top of her, she suddenly faked a knee at my groin. I instinctively folded up, and she grabbed my arm and forced y face into the carpet. when I reaized her trick, I twisted and used my arms to break her hold, but as I did that, her hand shot down and grabbed my balls. I shouted in frustration and tapped the ground, submitting. She got up and did her victory dance as I lifted myself dejectedly off the floor.
"OK," she said, "Spread your legs and put your hands on your head."
"Are you sure?" I protested.
She just waved her finger. "Spread your legs, dude, a deal is a deal."
I sighed, bracing myself for some pain, and did as she said. She walked over to me, and asked, "Are you ready?"
"Just get it over with," I sighed, wincing with anticipation.
She reached back and swung her palm into my nuts. It was a pretty hard whack, and I groaned and immediately held myself. Slowly, I crumpled to my knees. Amy stood in front of me with cocked hips and a satisfied smirk. Then she reached over and shoved me onto the ground. I decided to stay there. Then, as she had after our first match, she grabbed my shorts and hauled them off of me, leaving me bare-butt and clutching my nuts.
I got up after a few seconds, groaning. Amy walked over and patted me on the butt. "You want a rematch?" she asked.
I didn't, not with the price of losing this high, but I said "Sure."
So the next day we wrestled again. This time I gave it my all - after all, my balls were on the line! - and I managed to evade her grabs and pin her after a long bout. She did not want to submit, wriggling like crazy and shouting in rage, but eventually, I immobilized all her limbs and forcer her face-down onto the carpet. Then I got off her, and let her up. She got up and grumblingly stripped off her sweats, then peeled off her top and undid her bra. Amy had very nice tits, big for an Asian girl, and she was pretty proud of them.
"OK," I grinned, "When do I get my massage?"
Amy had me lay on the coffee table while she massaged me. I turned over on my back so I could watch her while she worked. This made her more embarrassed, especially when I started making "Asian massage parlor" jokes.
"Be careful," she grumbled, "Or I'll massage your balls."
I actually didn't want her hands anywhere near that area, since despite myself I was getting an erection. I had seen my stepsister naked plenty of times, but the massage somehow made it a lot more erotic.
"Rematch tomorrow?" I asked, as her breasts dangled tantalizingly near my face.
"You bet," she said. Her nipple brushed my nose, but neither of us said anything.
The next day, we circled each other warily all day, both of us nervous to start what we realized would be the ultimate and final bout.
"So," I asked her as we passed each other in the kitchen, "What's the forfeit for today?"
"If I lose," she said, "I'll go naked in front of three of your friends."
That brought a smile to my face. Amy and I were comfortable seeing each other nude, but never before when guests were there. And my friends would think I was the man. "What if you win?" I asked her.
"Then I get to squeeze your balls for as long as I like."
I nearly choked. That sounded like a one-way ticket to Hell. No embarrassment on her part was equal to that. "No way," I declared.
"You scared?" she asked, staring at me with her almond eyes. "Dude, are you more chicken than your stepsister?"
My stomach twisted with fear, but I couldn't let her show me up like that. I put on a brave face and said, "OK. Let's do it."
We went directly to the living room. But as we faced off and prepared to do battle, she straightened up and said "Let's wrestle nude."
I started. "Why?" I asked.
"Well," she said, "For you, the advantage is that you get to feel me up, which I know you want to do. For me, the advantage is that it's easier to grab your balls if you're naked."
She had a point. Already, I could feel my dick stiffening in my pants. I knew this was a terrible idea- besides the advantage she had mentioned, I'd be terribly distracted by her nudity. But what guy would turn down the chance to wrestle a hot girl completely naked? Even if she was his stepsister.
"OK," I agreed and started peeling off my clothes. She did the same.
To my shame, this time I had a full erection. Amy, stark naked and looking incredibly hot in her wrestling stance, pointed and laughed. "Dude," she said, "This is why women have an advantage over men. You always think with the wrong head."
I tried to laugh it off, but I was embarrassed. Suddenly, she lunged at me, and my first thought was not to counter her but to move my erection out of the way. I did that, but she crashed into me and sent me to the carpet. Suddenly she was all over me, grabbing me in one of the holds I had taught her over the past month. For a second, I focused on trying to find some angle for my crotch so that a) my balls would be safe from her grabbing hands, and b) my erection wouldn't be ground into the floor. Again, I successfully did this, but now she had grabbed my arms and wrapped her legs around one of mine. I could have broken her hold and thrown her off me, but I was suddenly distracted by the unfamiliar feeling of so much of her skin against my skin, and her bare breasts crushed against my back...my erection started to come back, and I suddenly got really self-conscious again. Bad time to do that. She grabbed me around the neck and arm and shoved me right down to the floor. Before I knew it, she had pinned me.
She pinned me, without having to grab me by the balls. For the first time.
Amy slowly disengaged and stood up, standing over me as I blinked up at her. She was still naked, gorgeous, and naked, standing there sweating. An attraction that had only been a joke before now started churning its way through my gut. Somehow, her defeating me in a fair fight had made me lust after her in a way that all our naked hijinx before had not.
But that was a bit beside the point, I thought because now she was going to make me take my medicine. Dreading what came next, I stood up and, without her having to tell me, spread my legs and put my hands on my head. Amy caught her breath, then stood in front of me, her black hair falling in sweaty tangles over her pretty face.
"Go on," I said. "Good job, you wrestled great. Now let's get this over with."
I almost peed myself in fear as she slowly reached her hand toward my balls. She gripped them and started to roll them gently around in her hand. Embarrassingly, my erection started twitching back to life. Then she started squeezing, and a bit of pain shot through my gut. I realized suddenly that even the times when I had beaten her at wrestling, she had had the power to do this to me at any time, and she had refrained. At that thought, my erection returned in full, and I winced in both embarrassment and pain.
Amy gripped my balls a little harder, and I could feel the beginning of the sickening feeling that came right before true testicular agony. Soon I'd be falling to my knees, begging her to let go. I'd probably cry. But strangely, the thought didn't take away my arousal, and I just looked into her almond eyes and tried to take it like a man.
Then, to my astonishment, it was Amy who dropped to her knees. Before I could react, she had grabbed my dick with her other hand and pulled it toward her mouth! I instinctively tried to push her away, but she gave my still-captive balls a warning squeeze, and I went passive again. Amy put my penis in her mouth and slowly, gently, gave me an amazing blowjob. I came right onto the carpet.
After I had come, I stood panting heavily as she stood up in front of me, still stark nude, her hand still around my balls. Slowly, I reached up to my hand and put it on her bare left breast. Then I leaned forward to kiss her...
...Amy stepped back, releasing my balls and giving them a flick with her hand. I grunted and doubled up.
"Sorry," she said, "But I don't want to lose my virginity with my brother-in-law."

"Suit yourself," I breathed through clenched teeth.
Amy grabbed her discarded clothes and slipped them on. I hobbled over to my own.
"What are you doing?" she asked.
I just looked at her.
"You don't get to put on your clothes. You're staying naked for two hours, dude."
I sighed. Oh well, I thought. At least she hadn't crushed my balls.
"Hey, I should get some reward for beating your ass," she declared and bounced over to where I stood. I resisted the urge to protect my groin. Amy leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.
"You sure I can't fuck you?" I joked.
"Maybe when we go to college," she said, waggling her head. "For now, you'll just have to go jerk off and take a cold shower."
That's exactly what I intended to do.
"When you're done, come back down here," Amy said, turning and looking around for her phone. "I'm going to call my friends over."
Oh, shit, I thought.



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Miracle Nepal: Wrestling with My Sexy Stepsister
Wrestling with My Sexy Stepsister
Miracle Nepal
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